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We have a wide collection of original watercolor paintings that focuses on life on the eastern shore of Maryland. Contact us for custom artwork.

Dave Marshall Art

Dave Marshall has a prolific body of work, and is exhibited in fine homes and galleries on the eastern shore of Maryland, Virginia and elsewhere.

Discover Skipjack Boats

The Chesapeake Bay Skipjack was born in the late 1880s. They were designed for the harvesting of oysters. Inexpensive to build, their design allowed them to sail in the shallow waters over oyster bars. There were a few thousand built but that number has dwindled to maybe 25. My Uncle Carroll Bozman owned and sailed a skipjack and my love for these boats has always been a part of my life. The skipjack is the official boat of the State of Maryland.


The Chesapeake Bay workboat, also called a Deadrise, came into use when engines replaced sails on crabbing skiffs.  The boats are used by the watermen of the Bay for crabbing, oystering, clamming, fishing and other uses tied to the seafood industry. Designs varied by locality, tradition, and by the builders themselves. Practical, yet elegant, they are the workhorse of the seafood industry of the Chesapeake Bay. The Deadrise is the official boat of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What People Say

I just love the art I purchased from Dave. His colors are realistic and bring back memories from days gone by.